Maybach Exelero , just in case you forgot


Breaking the chains of psychological slavery

C’mon guys how many ways are we going to glorify being imprisoned. Here is a Alon’s new fragrance appropriately titled Konvict. While we love the whole staff over at Konvict and the music is definitely on point…the handcuffs are 2 steps backwards.

I mean you could've at least had the handcuffs open

Though we hate the glorification of anything jail related…he is icy though! LOL!

Whats with the pink shirt... :/

By Far The Coldest Cell Phone EVER!!

Just when you thought that new iphone you got was the bee’s knees in cell phone gadgetry along comes Celsius X VII’s Mechanical Cell phone. The price tag on this beauty is $300k and it has a toubillion on the face !

The phone has moving mechanical parts. Much is still a mystery

Get money or get Nothing