Some Funny business is going on….. (Amber Rose & Kanye West)

So apparently this Amber Rose chick is more than a little suspect. As I was perusing I began to notice some ill pics and correlations. First you see Kanye running around with the dudes that are obviously gay in paris. Then you started hearing more rumors that Martin Louis the King was gay. Then you started seeing him with the Amber Rose chick who is hot to death, but apparently she wasn’t even liking dudes for quite a while she was on a seafood diet you feel me. Now it turns out she was a stripper who used to have long hair and super dyke girlfriend whose fade is better than mine! The game has gone dumb, 2009 will expose many. Check out the pics I jacked from bossip


Lagerfelds Lady of the DAY–Karina Flores

Brazilian Chicks are unapologetically hot. This one is no exception. Karina Flores is worth flying to the AIDS capital of the world for. Shout out to the good people at Trojan for making sure I keep what’s in my safe…safe 🙂


You figure everyone in the crowd brought at least a millski....

You figure everyone in the crowd brought at least a millski....

The three-day auction of the Collection of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé has closed and the numbers are impressive. The sale brought in 373,935,500 euros (around $483 million) over three days. The sale was estimated to bring in 300 million euros total. . ArtDaily reports that 95.5% of lots sold by lot, and 93% sold by value (for comparison, art sales rates last fall during the Christie’s and Sotheby’s sales were in the 50-70% range). The sale set a world record for the most valuable private collection sold at auction. It was also the highest grossing sale on record in Europe setting records in a variety of categories.

Ballin is in full effect if your rich and have good taste. Or if your rich and have bad taste…at this point it really doesn’t matter. I have to say this actually makes me want YSL clothes more than ever. (It’s all I can afford)

Something for your Wardrobe–KIKS TYO

Spring is upon us and you gotta get fresh somehow right? Obviously you wanna stick with the classics like the icy white 1’s and such, but for those who can’t find there swagger…. I will let you borrow mine. Every so often I will be dropping what I think is the new hot  ish and give you an idea where to cop it.

KIKS TYO is a new Company I’m checking for. I’m still waiting on my box but it’s all good cause the gear is kinda hot.  You can cop at

Here are some ideas:


I Am Definitely watching this…and I’m going to Make YOU WATCH!!

“A generation of self-made, young, black multimillionaires is emerging from sports, media, and entertainment to live the American Dream. It’s a world of opportunity, opulence, and overwhelming pressure to give back to the community. Go behind the scenes for unprecedented access with these multimillionaires, including NBA superstar LeBron James, Major League All-Star Torii Hunter, The Williams brothers of Cash Money Records, Multi-Platinum gospel star Kirk Franklin, and more.”

New Freestyle from BLOW!!!

This kid is hot. I was there to witness this freestyle, and let me be the first to co-sign this dude. Detroit is becoming a veritable breeding ground for new emcees. It must be the afghanistan like vibe that the landscape exudes 😛



Blow is the guy standing up

Blow is the guy standing up

Put on your ACG Boots and Thug it on Out!!

I don’t know if these are the one kiss had in mind when he made that song, but I’ll be damned if these ain’t hard as a tough decsion :p

Nike ACG Ashiko Boot

Nike ACG Ashiko Boot