They are trained to seduce

Notice no alcohol means all nude :)

Yours to enjoy!!

So the staff at BlowLagerfeld took a strip to one of hollywoods finest strip clubs this weekend and boy was it a fruitful experience. With the help of lots of ones and a Black Card, good times were had by all.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you talk to a stripper you get some of the same lines. For instance ” I only work on the weekends to help pay for school” or ” I just started two months ago” LOL

The strip club should have a consent form you sign at the door that says:

Be advised these girls are trained in the art of seduction and will only answer your questions with “Yes” . I.E

  • Have you ever been with a girl? Yes
  • Do you think I’m cute ? Yes
  • Is this your real number? Yes

Therefore, do not think you are special or by any means different than the other schmoe who was leasing her love before you. Do not come in here looking for love or anything that will last beyond your bankroll. Yes the girls will sleep with you for a price but please do not ask about it unless you are in a private area.

Thank You


Here are some pics to help you visualize πŸ™‚


Passion Jones in the sheets

This is a young lady who is on the rise. Her ability to smile and rumble around in the sheets is unparalleled. See for yourself…..

What it takes to be Wifey (BlowLAgerfeld Editorial)

It’s becoming more and more apparentΒ  that the propagation of the term “Wifey” has led many women to believe that this is a term that describes them. Whether it be because they are a live in girlfriend, a mainstay in the traveling gentlemans stable or it may be just a delusion of grandeur cooked up in the brain of a sidepiece, whatever the case there needs to be some clarification.

Does this resemble you or someone you know? Wifey...? Maybe :/

Does this resemble you or someone you know? Wifey...? Maybe :/

First off a wifey does not have the right to deny her hubby of his sexual indulgences. That being said a proper BJ is not a luxury or a gift it is the right of the man especially if the “Wifey’s” environment and comforts resemble anything close to the picture above.

Secondly a Wifey must provide food. If cooking is not your forte than make sure you have the ability to order food or takeout in an efficient manner. It is your responsibility to know the likes and dislikes of your hubby. If he is allergic to seafood, then ordering Shrimp Tempura from your favorite sushi spot is cause for prompt termination. When the meal is ready to be served make sure he has all the proper accouterments and beverages and if you are alone dress provactively so that you eliminate his desire for a sidepiece (unless you are one then the inverse is the case).

Champagne in a bikini is a great idea...

Champagne in a bikini is a great idea...

Lastly your attitude should be a mix between a pleasant saleswoman at the Louis Vuitton store and the hot professor he had in college who always told him what a success he would be. If you are from a rough part of town and grew up with a rough attitude becoming Wifey means that you now get to lose that attitude and upgrade to a much better one. You are in a coveted spot and you should cherish the thought of keeping it, your attitude should reflect such a mentality.

If you do all of these things your Hubby will be happy

Your Hubby will have a smile on his face and a positive image of you :)

Your Hubby will have a smile on his face and a positive image of you πŸ™‚

and your title as WIfey will be well deserved and have no serious contenders. thus allowing you to relax in your natural environment

Wifey in one of her many natural states of rest :)

Wifey in one of her many natural states of rest πŸ™‚

How am I going to live off of only $1M!?!?

rough life

More money more problems for this fellow. The huffington Post posted this about a bank executive who has just gotten a $1M bonus and feels like an under achiever;

“Well, first off, half of that million is in deferred stock compensation,” explained Mike, who is a vice-president at a top-tier bank. “So I vest into it over the next five years if I stay at the bank. So I sort of have that money but I can’t spend it, and who the hell stays at a job for five years? I’m going to have to figure out how to get someone to pay me a signing bonus eventually that matches what I’m giving up. And if the economy goes south again, what guarantees do I have?
“Second, out of the half a million that’s left, count off half to the IRS. That’s $250,000 left. My wife wants to upgrade our Hamptons rental. Throw out another $50,000 for next summer.
“I have one kid in kindergarten and another in second grade. When you count private-school tuition, ballet and fencing lessons, that’s at least another $60,000 out the window. So now I have $140,000.”
My friend, and I’m not exaggerating, loosened his tie. He was having trouble breathing.
“Okay, so now I have about $12,000 a month left here. Well my mortgage is $5,000 a month, and don’t think I can sell my 1200 sq. ft. apartment that I bought for $1.4m two years ago because where am I going to move? Brooklyn? Believe me, the prices don’t get any better there and all the partners live in Manhattan. No Manhattan, no partnership.

Read more here :

Sippin Syrup is it crack or more like weed?

this photo was not taken in a pharmacy

this photo was not taken in a pharmacy

BlowLAgerfeld’s is pro-choice when it comes to drug use but we do understand that like all good things too much of it can become a bad thing. Lately some of the members of the BlowLagerfeld social circle have begun to indulge more and more into the wonders of codine dreams. There have been some awkward occurances where slurred speach and obviously slow synapse time has made normally quick witted people semi retarded and we are starting to wonder is “Sizzurp”, as it is affectionately called, closer to crack or our good recreational buddy marijuana.
We wanna know what you think

Young Dro is retarded for this one.

LOL… I killed that shit…..hilarious

Can't wait to hear it

Can't wait to hear it

A Gallery of Hot Chicks at Art Galleries

BlowLAgerfelds is a blog centered around class. Now granted it may be High Class, Low Class or No Class but it is some derivative of class nonetheless.

Thanks to our good friends in NYC we have been able to spotlight a few choice Lagerfeld Lady’s at some very High Class events. Enjoy and tag yourself….wait…this isn’t facebook, oops we forgot πŸ˜‰