Lagerfeld’s Lady of the Day—Whoever this chick is

(birds chirping)

(birds chirping)

I’m not sure who she is or where she comes from but the obvious absence of photoshop and the gazzelle like body structure of this work of art makes her Lady of the Day worthy. All praises due.


Amy Winehouse like to drink, smoke and……RAP?!?!?

Watch out for Amy’s new video game release the much anticipated sequel to Sega’s Altered Beast, “Amy WineHouse presents: Haggard Beast”

If you’re fashionable you look like a HoBo….?

Is it just us here on the Blowlagerfeld staff or is fashion becoming more and more like the derlict campaign from the zoolander movie. This ish is crazy. We bet you can’t tell which is real fashion and which isMugatu’s  (Will Farrell’s character)derilict collection ?



Will Bryan “Baby” Williams buy this Big A$$ Diamond

Will this end up around lil waynes neck?

Will this end up around lil waynes neck?

It is a fact that all the diamonds in the world go thru either Lil Wayne or Baby before they are passed along to the rest of the world. Will this rare gem be the exception

507-carat rough diamond found at the Petra Diamonds Cullinan Mine in South Africa. The 507.55 carat stone is believed to be of exceptional color and clarity, and is most likely a Type II diamond. The rough was found as part of a run that also included a 168-carat piece of rough and two other stones of 58.5 and 53.3 carats. A lucky day indeed, the stone is one of the top 20 largest high-quality rough diamonds ever found making it incredibly rare.