Albe Back feat. Fab–Mira Mira (I think he jacked Chip$)

Yo I’m sure you remember this kid from the ATL movie he was the cat with the cast on his arm for most of the movie. I heard him freestyling back in 2007 at the Swizz “Money in the Bank” video shoot or maybe that was 08′ I can’t even remember but the point is he was nice. Shout out to my man’s Kartoon who was also in the mix that day.
Then I was talking to my man NEO Da MATRIX and he was wit the ni&&a so I figured he was on his way to at least a hot mixtape and then I heard this joint today and I figures I’d share it wit the blogosphere. The more I listen to it tho the more I hear my patna Chip$. I’ll post both songs and you tell me do you hear any similarites

Albe Bak feat. FAB–Mira Mira

Chip$–my metroChip$ DineroAlbe Back


Drop out of School and you might get RICH!!!

Everything is grand when you say F school :)

Everything is grand when you say F school 🙂

College isn’t for everybody is what your parents used to say. Apparently College definitely ain’t for Richard Branson who dropped out of school at 16 and went on to start some of the worlds largest companies including every that is Virgin (except my ex girlfriend).
Even though everywhere you look another Virgin MegaStore is closing this guy is still uber rich. And guess what when you get rich enough you can donate a bunch of money to a school and they will give you a degree. Somehow Branson has a Phd of Doctor of Technology from Loughborough University, England.

Kanye did it, Richard Banson did it, Bill Gates and even My boss did it, maybe you should too.

This has been a BlowLagerfeld Public Service Anouncement 🙂

Amber Rose Out’s Kanye West!

There is so much going on here I don't know where to start....

There is so much going on here I don't know where to start....

Psych!!! I know you was like ” For Real!?!?” The really F’ed up part is that this tagline is believable or at least somewhat so. I remember there was a time when Kanye was a man’s man…..ok, no I don’t but still this kid is totally targeting the gay demographic these days. He’s not doing so with any malicious intent but I think they make up a large part of the only people buying records these days and since he’s always putting out music he needs a solid base to justify his frequency of release. Plus anybody who knows anything knows that if your going to get into fashion your going to need the best dressed mofo’s in the game to cosign your ish. ( I mean Perez Hilton ain’t it, but you get my drift)

LagerFeld’s Lady of the Day–Chelina Manuhutu

I don’t know anything about this chick other than she is hot, has a wierd name and actually looks good with clothes on. My colleauge says we should search her name and get some good tid-bits but I prefer it one night stand style no names just flesh.
chelina manuhutu lingerie
chelina manuhutu sexy

Sesame Street breaks down the Madoff Scandal

Do you live in Los Angeles? Do you like Ice Cream?


Twitter: BlowLAgerfeld is lucky enough to enjoy this Popcorn flavored ice cream w/ apple carmel topping!!

Twitter: BlowLAgerfeld is lucky enough to enjoy this Popcorn flavored ice cream w/ apple carmel topping!!



If you live in Los Angeles (or more precisely Santa Monica) i think I might have the spot for you.  I think the picture was able to accurately capture the fluffy pillowy ice creamy goodness of this creation right here….


Whether you’re having a full dinner or just feel the need for a seriously indulgent ice-cream sundae, the rustic-industrial Hollywood standard—where everybody knows your name, assuming you’re involved with a film at one of the nearby lots—is here for you. With Brown Butter Sorbet. And Popcorn Ice Cream. Also: Parsnip.Coconut & Curry. Raspberry Jelly. Even…Tabasco.

If you’re finishing off the prix-fixe $30 “Simple Supper” menu, a mixture of any three flavors is included for dessert. But if you’ve just dropped in for a seat at the bar, you can pair your martini with a multi-scoop monster as big as you think you can handle, with toppings likeFrench Toast Crumble and Chili Candied Kumquats. And as amiable mad ice-cream scientist Agustin Rodriguez gets inspired, his curious concoctions will constantly change—last night he introduced, yes,Risotto Ice Cream.–Urbandaddy

I couldn’t have said it better myself

Sundae Menu at Ammo
1155 N. Highland Ave
(N. of Santa Monica) Hollywood
Los Angeles, CA 90038

LAgerfelds Lady of the Day–Sarah Beeharee

Hailing from the UK Ms. Beeharee is sexy plain and simple. Somehow I think that’s exactly what she was gooing going for.  🙂


there is something about Sarah

there is something about Sarah