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A Bar in a Bank Vault

Can't wait to get back to L.A so i can check this out

Can't wait to get back to L.A so i can check this out

Every time you go to the bank you wanna have a shot afterward? Well now you can have a shot at the bank!! And guess what the chicks are probably hotter ( Shout out to the WAMU in Valencia the chicks are actually kind of hot there) and the music is most likely better.

In the basement of the former Crocker Citizens National Bank building, you’ll now find an awe-inspiring labyrinth of rooms and hidden corners that takes you back to another era. (You know, when the market was exciting in a good way.) A seat in the vault is prime real estate, obviously, but you can also sneak into one of the intimate booths where customers once examined the contents of their safe-deposit boxes in privacy. Times change, so you’ll be fine examining the contents of your classic Sazerac with whoever’s joining you.

Because when life hands you a recession, you make…a night of it.

The Crocker Club, opens Jan 30, 453 S. Spring St (at 5th), Downtown Los Angeles, 213-239-9099

Max-B Coke Wave DVD Tralier

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My Future Crib!!!

If your nice maybe you can come over for the sleepover 🙂

The home was designed by architect Peter Connelly and constructed in 2005 by owner Bill Sharpe, whose firm was the 2007–2008 “builder of the year” in Australia. The home sits on a peninsula with views of the Great Barrier Reef and has over 13,000 square feet of space. The four-bedroom home’s automatic sliding glass walls and terraces enhance the views and the infinity pool wraps around three sides of the house. There is also room for your own fleet with a 24-berth private marina and a private helipad. The house comes with a private beach and Tepanyaki pavilion with a kitchen, powder room and dining area. The property includes a caretaker’s house, office and gym. It is expected to sell for around $10 million.

Start Saving Now….

Versace Auction
On March 12, Sotheby’s in London will auction off $3 million-plus worth of paintings, furniture and works of art from late designer Gianni Versace’s amazing Villa Fontanelle on Lake Como, Italy, comprising some 550 lots. In 1977 Versace purchased the Villa, which was built in 1776, and restored it to its former neoclassical glory. The Villa itself was sold to a Russian billionaire for $52 million last year, and the Versace family has now decided to deaccession the contents. The designer personally supervised every step of the renovation and carefully selected every item used in its furnishing and decoration, down to the spectacular mosaic floors and paneling.


New Mixtape from Yo Gotti

New Mixtape from Yo Gotti

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