Lose Control–Timbaland feat. Jojo(!?!?) & Hayes



Music over the years has had its fair share of fits and starts. Strong starts and fading finishes. Moments of inspiration and deterioration. The staff here at Blowlagerfeld’s have been fortunate to be a part of many movements in music, some powerful and some bowel.  Our latest discovery is setting up to be one of the powerful ones. Glam-I-Rock is to hip hop now what punk was to rock in the 80’s: edgy, rebellious and most importantly the tone of the youth.

While we don’t know much about Glam-I-Rock we do know that there seems to be a crew of preforming arts students in southern California who have taken it upon themselves to be the bastions of this new era in music and hip hop. The lead vocalist is a rapper and a singer like many of the talented new age artist seem to be. It’s almost like you can’t get away with being a one trick pony anymore ( a la 50 cent) : /.

We have done you the courtesy of posting youtubes for the stand out track

“Empty Avenue ” and also a freestyle with an ACUSTIC GUITAR!!!

Please be advised that you heard it here first.


Sometimes it’s not what you have but what you can do with it. A Big gigantic dude with all these muscles who can’t bend over to pick up the boulder would be worthless as a superhero. The Same holds true with all these brick-house women we tend to see on the Internets. There seems to be a prevailing argument that when it comes to pure pleasure a woman is only as good as her assets, and this my friends is a false.  We are posting pictures in effort to stimulate the imaginations of our readers. As we enter into the future (2010 is the real future according to every comic book pre-2000), let us not limit ourselves to the ways of old. Expand and Experiment

Big ups to amanda diva of hip hop and child star fame